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Mommy's Wish

When the thought of another transplant was on the horizon it became very important to Lindsay to take Landen on a plane trip for the first time. It became a mission of Linds and her nurse Sunshine to make the trip happen and although we all wanted Lindsay and Landen to have the experience, her condition was so fragile we couldn’t make it work safely.  We promised Lindsay we would take Landen to Disney and she would come along too.  The day after her cremains were available we boarded a plane to Disney and together we gave Landen the promise we made to his mom.  Auntie Stephanie, and Auntie Katy, Lindsay’s adorable sister in-law, along with me and papa spent the week at Disney.  It is amazing how resilient children are and we are blessed every day that we have this little child in our lives.  It’s both heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time. It was his 6th birthday on July 21 and mommy ordered a big boy bed that was delivered during her last days.  She never got to see him in his bed.  The other evening while lying in bed, I asked him if he would like to go and shop for some beautiful picture frames that he could put on his new headboard so that we could put some cool pictures of him and mommy in the frames.  He said, “Meme, I don’t need a picture of mommy, I see her in my heart every day.” Wow, takes my breath away…  On Saturday, 7/22, Beep, Nina, Auntie Katy, TT, Uncle Teej, Uncle Rob, Auntie Gina, great grandpa, Uncle John, Mini me, Auntie Min and Barb & Joe celebrated his 6th birthday at the house and off to Sonny’s Place for more fun and games.

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