Blessings….By late Wednesday after Lindsay had said most of her goodbyes to everyone, she rarely spoke or woke up again.  Sean, Steve, Stephanie, Jennifer and I had slept at the hospital since Monday and took turns napping.  Stephanie darted across the room and said she’s moving, we all ran to her bedside and she awoke.  Lindsay said, “Oh my God, oh my God” and kept repeating the same three words. We said, “Lindsay we are here, we are all here, what, what is it?”  She said, “Look!” and she was moving her arms and legs, she repeated “OH MY GOD”, then “Thank you, God, I can move my arms and my legs.  I have no pain, I have no pain, this is great, this is great!”  She said, “I want to walk.” We called immediately for the nurse, it was 3:30 am. The nurse Amrita ran in and I believe she was equally shocked, but said if she wants to go, let’s get her up.  She had IV’s and was heavily medicated with a cocktail referred to as a ham sandwich, a euphoric combination.  The guys got her into a wheelchair, padded her arms and legs with pillows and we set for the halls.  She wanted to roll down the wing and we did and the entire time she was repeating, “I have no pain, OMG, OMG, Thank you God.”  Then Amrita asked Lindsay if she wanted to go outside to the healing garden and Lindsay said “YES, YES.”  We were all in a state of disbelief, excited, sad and in shock.  How thankful we are to Amrita.  That was the last real memory of our daughter and what a blessing that we were left with that image in the end, the pain was gone and the euphoria took over.