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In Memory


This website has been created in loving memory of our daughter, Lindsay Marie Presz Barrett.  She was a loving mom who left behind a darling little boy.  It is our intention to share many stories with her son about his awesome mom and what an inspiration she was to all whom she touched.  We will continue to share memories and events to further honor Lindsay's Legacy.  It is our mission now through Lindsay's Legacy Foundation, Inc. to share all that we have learned especially the importance of HOPE, for those on a similar cancer journey.  

Thank you for your Love & Support

To our dear friends and family, we are touched by your outpouring of love and support.  It has been a difficult road, a nightmare of untold proportion.  We found coping through this tragedy more difficult than words can ever describe.  But you should also know that we were with Lindsay 24 hours a day whether in the hospital or caring for her at home.  We took shifts between Stephanie, Sean, Dad and I staying at the hospital with Lindsay. She never spent even one hour alone. Landen was cared for in our own home with one of us four or Auntie Gina & Uncle Rob or Auntie Mare & Uncle John or Beep and Nina or his Uncle Teej. If there were extended periods at the hospital Uncle Mike and Auntie Jan moved into our home. We are a family that has stuck together during the hardest of times and that have supported each other and the two that needed us most. This child that we all adore had the continuity of care from those who have always loved him and have been there for him and will continue the love and support always.     

There have been wonderful memory-making days over the last year and half and blessings oh so many.  Most days we had great hope for a cure and Lindsay never spent days crying or feeling sorry for herself.  The relationships that we had with each other grew stronger and stronger and the love we shared with each other unbreakable.  For sisters that were already the best of friends, the connection Lindsay and Stephanie had and the regular dates and excursions bonded the two forever.  Stephanie could not have been a better big sister, she gave her sister life, she tended to her wounds, she slept by her side, she bathed her, she sang to her, told her scary stories to distract her while waiting for pain meds to take over and Lindsay’s final wishes were for her sister to apply make up on her after she passed so she would look pretty.  She re-bonded, loved and adored her cousin Jennifer. Jennifer lives in Arizona but she made the trip on many occasions to be with her little cousin. Jennifer was here at the beginning, in the middle, and flew in toward the end to be with Lindsay.  It was Jennifer who Lindsay asked to write on the white board in her hospital room, “BE HAPPY.” Lindsay wanted all of us to “Be Happy” and she especially didn’t want us crying at a wake or funeral. She asked that we celebrate instead and have cocktails and laugh.  We will respect and try to live by all of her wishes, she made us so very proud.  

On August 31, 2017 Lindsay's friends and family gathered together to celebrate her life.

Thank you again for all your love and support - it is most appreciated.

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Her legacy to us

Our tribute to her